Tip of the month: How to keep your ASIC miner cool?

Tip of the month How to keep your ASIC miner cool

In case you already have some ASIC miners working hard for you, it is essential to keep them cool. The cooler they are, the more efficient they will able to mine cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC). Here are some tips for keeping your miners cool!

How to keep your ASIC miner cool

First of all, what is the best way to keep your miners cool? While ASIC miners come with a pre-installed fan, there are more things to keep in mind when it comes to cooling. For example, the room in which your ASIC miners are operating should have some sort of air conditioning. Aside from that, you should vent out all warm air through exit vents.

Find a video about how to keep your ASIC miner cool by removing heat below:

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