This is how much revenue the biggest bitcoin (BTC) mining pools generated in the past month

As a miner, you might be part of a bitcoin (BTC) mining pool. This is a group of miners that work together and share the profits they generate together. Now that June is coming to an end, we show you how the biggest mining pools performed during the past month, which is the biggest pool, and the revenue they generated. The findings in this blog article are based on data provided by

Pool distribution

The pool distribution refers to the distribution of the hash rate bitcoin mining pools generate. During the past month, all bitcoin miners together generated a hash rate of about 110 exahashes per second. 18,9% of that was produced by the mining pool F2Pool, which makes it the biggest mining pool in June. F2Pool has been the biggest since the beginning of 2020. In 2019 other pools still managed to conquer the top spot every now and then.

Not far behind is Poolin, which managed to generate 15,4% of the total hash rate in June. ends third with 12,7% of the total. These three pools have been leading the pack for quite a while now. However, Poolin and see a downward trend when it comes to their share in hash power.

Interestingly, several smaller pools seem to gain ground in the Bitcoin network at the cost of some of the bigger pools. These are, for example,, OKExPool, and ViaBTC. Some of these pools are quite new and thus it is interesting to see that they are able to gain ground in a field with some big players.

Blocks mined

While the pool distribution might be a bit abstract, a more absolute statistic is the number of blocks mined. In the past month, 4.514 blocks were added to the blockchain. 854 were mined by F2Pool, the most of all pools. The second place goes to Poolin with 694 blocks mined. and AntPool mined 575 and 483 blocks respectively.

Revenue generated

Now that we know how many blocks mining pools managed to mine in the past month, we can get an idea of the revenue they managed to generate. After the halving event in May, miners receive a block reward of 6,25 BTC per mined block. This means that the miners of F2Pool were awarded 5.337,50 bitcoins. This is worth €43,4 million.

Poolin was able to gather block rewards worth 4.337,50 BTC, generating them a revenue of €35,2 million. Finally, generated a revenue of €29,2 million after being rewarded 3.593,75 bitcoins. Keep in mind that these figures are not taking into account the costs that were made during the mining process. How much of the total block rewards a miner of a pool receives, dependents on the reward structure that a pool implements. Read more about how to pick a mining pool here.

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