Performances of mining pools in August 2019

Performances of mining pools in August 2019

Another month of bitcoin (BTC) mining has passed and that means we can have a look at the performances of the biggest bitcoin mining pools this past month. In this article we will have a look at the three biggest mining pools of August:, F2Pool, and AntPool. The statistics used for this evaluation come from is, and has been for a long time, the biggest mining pool around. With a hashing rate of around 13.079,60 PH/s, the mining pool’s hash rate share for the month of August was 19.8%. Together the miners of managed to mine 893 blocks. This means that managed to earn an amount of 11.163 BTC in August. But how does this compare to last month?

In July the mining pool had a little bigger share of the total hash rate: 19,9%. The pool then managed to mine 952 blocks earning them 11.900 BTC. Overall the position of did not change much which means it is positioned still firmly on top. It is at spots two and three where the competition gets a little fiercer.


On the second place in the rankings of the biggest mining pools of August we find F2Pool. In August F2Pool managed to gain a share of 13,37% of the total hash rate. By mining 603 blocks the miners of F2Pool earned a total of 7.538 BTC. F2Pool is, however, not always number two.

In July F2Pool was only able to reach the third place, although it must be said that the differences in the top 5 bitcoin mining pools are very slim. In July F2Pool managed to generate 12,58% of the total hashrate, which is less than 0,2% behind AntPool, the number three of August.


AntPool generated a hash share of 12,17% in August which makes it the third biggest mining pool of this month. By mining 549 blocks the miners of AntPool generated a revenue of 6.862 BTC. 

Last month, AntPool was the number two with a hash share of 12,73%. This means the mining pool was more successful in July. However, as the bitcoin (BTC) mining market is competitive, these figures change all the time. 

Concluding this blog article, remains the biggest mining pool in the market in August. It is expected that it will also be the biggest in September as it has been the biggest every single month in the past year. It will be interesting to see how the top 5 will develop in September though, as that is when the biggest changes occur.