News blog Green energy gaining more ground in bitcoin (BTC) mining

Green energy gaining more ground in bitcoin (BTC) mining

The fact that bitcoin (BTC) needs electricity shouldn’t be a surprise. This energy is required to perform complicated calculations, which make the Bitcoin network one of the most secure payment networks on earth. While the discussion around climate change is developing, many have complained about the amount of energy that bitcoin mining needs. However, the blog How bitcoin (BTC) miners keep the Bitcoin network safe

How bitcoin (BTC) miners keep the Bitcoin network safe

The word mining in the context of bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies is derived from real-world miners, the ones that dig the ground in search of gold, for example. You wouldn’t think bitcoin miners and gold miners have any similarities, as the first one is technically a computer and the second one is a person blog What is bitcoin (BTC) and what is bitcoin mining?

What is bitcoin (BTC) and what is bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin, the first and biggest cryptocurrency, has gained a lot of popularity. Many call it the “money of the internet”, or “digital gold”. But what exactly is bitcoin and what is bitcoin mining? In this article you will read the basic explanation of the most vital parts of the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin (BTC), a digital

Domain acquisitions by Miners Europe

Miners Europe BV has acquired various Crypto & Blockchain domains for its expansion plans in Europe. Some of these domains are,,,, and Miners Europe BV has acquired the domains and not the BV, customers or company responsibilities. If you were a customer of Serverion B.V. regarding a warranty, current orders head office in Almere!

Good news! Our head office is now located in the World Trade Center in Almere. You can visit us on appointment at the following address: Miners Europe B.V. P.J Oudweg 4 1314 CH Almere The Netherlands Would you like to receive more information about our products and services? Feel free to contact us, call: +31

Crypto mining, what is that?

If you do not yet know much about crypto mining, it is important to first have an idea about why you would want to mine. The goal of mining is of course to earn money by means of creating (mining) new cryptofunds. You can namely earn money by: selling newly created cryptofunds. earning on the

Coin centrum becomes miners europe BV

Coin Centrum is going to work even more internationally! That is why our name changed to Miners Europe BV at the start of November 2018. With this name change, we show that customers throughout Europe can make use of our outstanding services in the area of Crypto mining. At the national and international level, our

Commercial financing now possible on

A temporary liquidity problem can happen for any company at any time. This almost always happens at a critical moment when you need to invest in your business. That is why works nationally and internationally with reliable and renowned partners to help you with the financing of the purchase of a miner for cryptocurrency.

Is Bitcoin going to rise again in 2018?

Is Bitcoin going to rise again in 2018? That is the big question that many people are asking. According to experts, Bitcoin will rise at the end of 2018 toward the 14,000 dollar mark. That is a strong statement when you remember that Bitcoin now stands around 6,300 dollars. The exchange goal is based on