Why bitcoin (BTC) miners profit from cheap oil prices

The coronavirus that causes the infectious disease COVID-19 causes a lot of harm worldwide. Not only the health of people is affected, but also the economy is suffering tremendously as people are forced to stay home and consumer confidence is low. In other words, the economy is taking hits and the result is plummeting stock

Miners Europe B.V. mining hosting service continues as

Miners Europe B.V. is proud to announce the launch of Our miner hosting services will be transferred to our new subsidiary, “Colocation Hosting Solutions B.V.” In this announcement, you will read important information regarding the transition to We founded as a result of the growing number of mining hosting customers that Miners

These bitcoin (BTC) miners are the most profitable

The third Bitcoin (BTC) halving in history was recently completed. Now that the block rewards for bitcoin miners are halved, some miners might have to start looking for new ways to maximize their mining profits. In this blog post we will discuss a recent research report that was published by The Block. Miner profitability In

Bitcoin (BTC) halving completed, this is how it happened

Yesterday Bitcoin (BTC) saw its third halving event. The event was covered by live streams worldwide and calling it a big happening might even be an understatement. Many were waiting to see who would mine the last block before the halving and if the bitcoin price would show an immediate response. In this article we’ll

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Bitcoin (BTC) price drops but miners keep faith

The bitcoin (BTC) price has seen some big movements the past weeks. Many analysts therefore were expecting that bitcoin miners would capitulate en masse. However, data shows that at this moment there are no signals of miners capitulating, even when the price is moving down. Recent BTC price movements In the beginning of this year