Is Bitcoin going to rise again in 2018?

Is Bitcoin going to rise again in 2018? That is the big question that many people are asking. According to experts, Bitcoin will rise at the end of 2018 toward the 14,000 dollar mark. That is a strong statement when you remember that Bitcoin now stands around 6,300 dollars. The exchange goal is based on statements from nine crypto-experts on the Australian comparison site

The experts talk about Bitcoin and twelve other cryptocurrencies. They looked at Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Ethereum, EOS, IOTA, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple and Stellar Lumens. They also looked at three coins that have drawn a lot of interest: DigiByte, TRON and Dogecoin.

The predictions show a significant downward trend. In January, the year-end exchange target for Bitcoin was over 44,000 dollars; in May, 31,000 dollars. In June, they still expected a value of roughly 20,000, and now 14,289 dollars at the end of December. At this rate of adjustments, they have to get it right sooner or later.