Coin centrum becomes miners europe BV

Coin Centrum is going to work even more internationally! That is why our name changed to Miners Europe BV at the start of November 2018.
With this name change, we show that customers throughout Europe can make use of our outstanding services in the area of Crypto mining. At the national and international level, our company has grown in recent years, and although all of Europe could already use our service, this new name emphasizes our international way of working in the cryptocurrency market.

Since 2010, we have been the reliable partner for Crypto mining. The change of name from Coin Centrum to Miners Europe BV does not mean a change of course: there is no change in our services, which remain unprecedented in quality and service. We are even striving to earn a 10! We are in any case well on our way, as proven by our certificates from ICT Waarborg and Thuiswinkel Zakelijk.

Now is the right time to start with Crypto mining. The rates are currently low, but that can change at any moment. This means that starters can benefit if there is another peak. Unsure exactly where to start mining? Or do you only need a miner? Contact Miners Europe BV, and we will help you on your way in Crypto mining.